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Welcome To Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute

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Corrected Form fill up notice 2nd, 3rd-2015
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Form fill up notice 5th, 7th regular -irregular & 8th irregular-2015
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Irregular exam permission-2015
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Welcome to the Website of Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute (DMPI). DMPI is the pioneer in the women technical education sector of Bangladesh, established in 1985 with just two departments. The DMPI has expanded itself over the years and build on the reputation of providing excellent education. Now the DMPI consists of five departments & qulified teachers. Each of them are highly trained to equipt the students to face the challenges that awaits them in real life. In the years to come, the DMPI will continue to empower our students with leadership and sense of responsibility which will not only take an importment step towords establishing women rights but also play an importtant part in nation building. The Website will provide a clear picture of DMPI and hopefully will provide the visitor information when he/she will seeks. Please feel free to surf this Website and discover the DMPI yourself.

Engr. Md. Mozahar Hossain
Principal, DMPI.